Business Process Design & Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures and Processes – Referred to as “SOPs” and process maps, are the foundation for maximum efficiency and productivity. SOPs provide businesses and or employees with a reference to common business practices, activities, or tasks. SOPs are written instructions that document a repetitive activity for an employee to perform his/her job. Workflow is the “map” or steps, between people or machinery, to “assemble” a product or service. Or a map of a series of activities or jobs that produce a product or service.

Why develop and use SOPs?

SOPs help a business obtain predictable end results, something that can be repeated again and again. SOPs enable you to work SMARTER, not harder.

Streamline –A standardized way of doing business, no more deviation.

Manageable – Employees are self-sufficient. New employees use a SOP to perform work without disrupting supervisors or other colleagues.

Appreciation – Use SOPs as part of employees job descriptions. You can determine outputs or target measures to use for employee performance reviews.

Resource – SOPs are a quality control tool, written with quality standards that employees use to meet business objectives.

Training – Well-written SOPs facilitate training. Having complete step-by-step instructions helps trainers ensure that nothing is missed and provides a reference resource for trainees.

Efficient – No haste / less waste…Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA). Employees in all units are responsible for ensuring that their work processes are efficient and continually improving.

Reduce costs –Less time is spent guessing what to do and more time is spent getting it done.

In summary, well-written and explained SOPs and process maps make it easier for employees to do their jobs; on time, task, and with quality. This means a leaner more effective and efficient business.

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