Organization Effectiveness

The success of organizations depends on their ability to satisfy their customers. Achieving this goal requires a level of responsiveness to change, flexibility and organizational effectiveness not usually expected or attained in the much less severe competitive market conditions of the past.

Effective organizations show strengths across five areas: leadership, management structure, people, work processes and systems, and culture. Customers are happy and loyal, internal processes are smooth; members are integrated, information flows vertically and horizontally, and the organization is typified by trust and benevolence towards individuals.

Organization Effectiveness (OE) Assessments

Accurately identifying problem areas is the first step in becoming an effective organization. An organization must evaluate its core services, goals and measures of success on a consistent basis in order to ensure employee and customer needs are being met, that decisions are made with overarching strategic goals in mind and that the organization’s practices, work and culture are aligned with its mission, vision and values.

What is an Organization Effectiveness (OE) Assessment?

Barbee Consulting Group, LLC conducts an evaluation of your organizations operations, services, goals and measures of success. With our tailored approach and data collection, the OE Assessment can provide you with: an understanding of the capacity of your organization (strengths and weaknesses); an informed and independent view of the current state of your operations; identify opportunities to increase efficiencies and; lay the foundation change that will reduce risk and improve your organization.

Why conduct and organization assessment?

  • Determine what is working
  • Determine what needs improvement
  • Make more effective use of resources
  • Increase effectiveness of the organization

What does Barbee Consulting group evaluate during an organization assessment?

  • Leadership and Governance – mission, vision, and strategy
  • Management Structure – management style, program delivery and impact
  • People – workforce productivity and resource development
  • Work Processes and Systems – internal operations
  • Culture – code of ethics, mindset, more

How is the organization assessment performed?

Four Step Process

1. Set the stage

  • Meet with Leadership
  • Identify resource team
  • Identify data sources

2. Collect the Data

  • Conduct surveys
  • Review Systems & Processes
  • Conduct Interviews

3. Analyze the Organization

  • SWAT
  • Trends
  • Gaps
  • Best Practices

4. Deliver Results

  • Performance Analyses
  • Future Plan
  • Next Steps

In Summary, an Effective Organization is a successful well-balanced organization. Customers are satisfied and often happy, employees are loyal, processes and procedures are smooth, people communicate, and the company cares- about itself and its customers. Organizations are most effective when they get checkups – find out what’s wrong, get their medicine, and take it!

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